Woodchuck Recycling Has Closed.

Woodchuck Recycling has now closed operation. The Directors and Staff wish to thank all of our customers and supporters who we met over the years.

What was achieved

Woodchuck was started as a Community Interest Company in a small industrial unit and soon took on volunteer placements from the local authority. The placements were for people with learning difficulties and we soon achieved qualifications for some and permanent placements for others. One placement remained with us five years later.

By collecting waste timber from builders and other producers we generated income, sorted the material, made it available for sale to the public, made commissioned items and added to our placement and volunteer group. We were able to create jobs locally, more volunteer opportunities and supplied the basic fabric for many community initiatives and events in Milton Keynes.

Any timber that proved to be unusable was taken for processing into wood-chip for use as chipboard or fuel. The timber we collected as waste would otherwise inevitably have been placed into landfill and our work meant that more than 500 tones per year was re-used or recycled.

A change in economics over the last few years made it more difficult for the business to “make ends meet” and our decision to close was taken with much regret.

Alternative Local Supplies

The three nearest community wood recyclers to MK are as follows:

St Albans – http://www.stalbanswoodrecycling.org.uk

Oxford Wood Recycling – http://www.oxfordwoodrecycling.org.uk

Just Wood Leicestershire http://www.justwoodleicestershire.org.uk

Alternative Suppliers Elsewhere

The National Community Wood Recycling Project operates a linking system from their website. www.communitywoodrecycling.org.uk

Some useful websites…